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Mexican / Tacos  in  Marina

Tacolicious is both wildly entertaining and deeply infuriating. Even the name is split between something we love (tacos) and something we hate (“-licious”). So we’ve decided to do this review dueling-banjo style, dishing out the love (Marina girl Taylor) and the hate (cranky former Angeleno, Max) in equal measure.

Look out, Chris Matthews.

Point-Counterpoint: Tacolicious

Point, Taylor: At Tacolicious, they bring you free chips and tasty salsa the second you sit down. As someone who is almost constantly in a state of hunger, this is vital to my happiness.

Counterpoint, Max: This is like giving a participation trophy for “Being a Mexican restaurant.”

Point, Taylor: At Tacolicious, you can get 10 tacos for $40 and they let you pick ONE BY ONE every taco that is included. No rules, just right.

Counterpoint, Max: I’m sure the meats are free-range and organic or something, but we’re ALL ABOUT THE FLAVOR, yo. And the $2.25ers in the Mission (or, for a fun trip, the $1.50ers in Redwood City) are kicking these up and down the taco schoolyard. Being able to select them one at a time? That’s nice, but why wouldn’t you get to do that?

Point, Taylor: They have tasty cocktails and good margaritas.

Counterpoint, Max: The margarita pitchers are an awesome deal if you like the flavor of ICE.

Point, Taylor: The kale salad has quinoa and other healthy things in it and is very, very good. As a Marina resident I am contractually obligated to consume 4-7 kale salads a week, so I need as many options as I can get.

Counterpoint, Max: No comeback - it’s not bad.

Point, Taylor: Churros.

Counterpoint, Max: Better at Disneyland.

Counter Counter point, Taylor: If you’ve been to Disneyland recently enough that you can remember the flavors of things you consumed...I’m concerned.

Point, Taylor: The short rib tacos are heaven encased in a flat, corn-based circle.

Counterpoint, Max: ...1/3 of the time. 2/3 of the time, they’re simply okay. We, the people, demand consistent flavor.

Point, Taylor: Despite being ashamed to say the name out loud, it is the best option to go out to a fun, Mexican dinner in the Marina.

Counterpoint, Max: This is the Nintendo Wii of restaurant names. Sure, you can get over it, but only if you’ve brainwashed yourself into forgetting how lame it is.

Point, Taylor: It is usually eas(ier) to get seats at the bar, and I’m obsessed with sitting at the bar. I think it stems from eating pancakes as a child on my house’s weird modern stairs that let me dangle my legs under them and use the stair up as a table/counter.

Counterpoint, Max: That’s a touching story, and I’m a bar man myself. I think it stems from the fact that I like to drink.

Point, Taylor: It feels sort of a like a frat basement party (loud, crowded, dark, drunk people) and I am the product of a sorority. Sadly no gin buckets to be found.

Counterpoint, Max: We’re in perfect agreement, after all: Tacolicious is about the meat market, not the taco meats.

Food Rundown


High quality guacamole. Not much to say, besides order it.

Kale Salad

Of the three salads on the menu, this one is the best by far. Hearty, full of mix-ins, and updated with a seasonal fruit now and then. Grapefruit’s in there now, and we are not mad about it. Add the grilled shrimp and make it a meal if you’re on a health kick.

Chicken Mole Taco

Yes - definitely keep these in the mix. Nice and saucy. Way better than shot and beer chicken.

Short Rib Tacos

We’re pretty much down to eat short rib at any time of day. Short rib omelets anyone? These tacos put the meats to good use. Damn good.

Vegetable Tacos

Pass on these puppies. They vary from time to time but are a general assortment of veggies in a taco, a little dry and not worth your time.

Squid a la Plancha

Grilled squid with tasty potatoes plated up all fancy-like with arugula. Nice to look at, better to eat.


These are the move. Delicious chocolate dipping sauce and the churros are light and magical.

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