Outerlands is a restaurant that always makes us feel like we’re on vacation. Maybe it’s the weathered wood walls and ceiling, maybe it’s the laidback service, or perhaps it’s the location a few blocks from the ocean. The air is salty, the vibe is beachy, and the brunch is fantastic.

For the most part, the menu at this Sunset spot is populated by morning standards like breakfast sandwiches, french toast, and grits and greens. But you’ll also find things like a Dutch pancake topped with seasonal fruit and refreshing ricotta, a solid smoked trout toast with preserved Meyer lemon and crème fraîche, and a standout sticky bun we always order to go. Everything here is simple, not overly filling, and looks like it belongs on the cover of a lifestyle magazine—which isn’t a bad thing, by our standards.

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photo credit: Spencer Cotton

Now would be a good time to mention that Outerlands used to serve dinner. They’ve since shifted to brunch-only since the pandemic. There will generally be a wait (they don’t take reservations), but get there a little before brunch opens and you should be fine. The restaurant is also dog-friendly, and the sidewalk tables on a sunny day are enough to get you to start looking into the possibility of an Outerlands timeshare deal. So when you feel like you need a vacation, take a trip to Outerlands. It’s cheaper than going to Cabo.

Food Rundown

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Sticky Bun

This sticky bun can sometimes come topped with an assortment of ingredients. We once had one that included grapes, peanuts, and rosemary. But this pastry is super moist and not too sweet. We’ll casually drop by Outerlands just to pick one up.

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Dutch Pancake

A work of art in a pan. What goes with the Dutch pancake changes with the season—it can be anything from chocolate to apples to something savory like bacon. But whatever version you get, ricotta should always be added.

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Grilled Cheese

This is a mammoth grilled cheese on their housemade bread. The bread to cheese ratio is a little off-balance (the cheese will ooze out like lava on this sandwich). However, it is still pretty damn good.

Smashed Potatoes

These breakfast potatoes are well-seasoned and not dry—two important elements to great breakfast potatoes. The aioli here takes these up a level. Get these for the table to share.

Smoked Trout Toast

Outerlands doesn’t skimp on the trout, which is super high quality. Crème fraîche, capers, dill, preserved Meyer lemon, and cucumbers complete this well-balanced toast.

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