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Aziza is one-of-a-kind. Legit upscale Moroccan food? There’s only one other entry on the Infatuation Moroccan roster, and it’s nowhere near this good.

After hitting Aziza, we wish there were a lot more. The city (country?) could use a lot more delicious Mediterranean food made with fresh ingredients, especially with the spicy kick the Moroccans bring to the table.

Okay, that was a pretty bad explanation of the food. But whatever, this place is f*cking awesome.

The cocktails are also off the chain. The bar crushes up a bunch of fresh produce to concoct each alcoholic delight. Think you’ve had fruit dranks before? Not like this. That said, we’d suggest ordering your second round a few sips into the first, because they are labor intensive. Like 15-20 minutes labor-intensive. Maybe hire a third bartender, guys?

The catch? Aziza is way the out there in the Outer Richmond. And the interior feels a bit like a Gaudi-LSD-funhouse. As a result, this wouldn’t exactly be “Perfect For” anything like Date Night or Action at the Bar. That is, unless you, uh, “spent the afternoon in Haight-Ashbury.”

But it’s San Francisco, dude. This restaurant was “artisanal” before it became a cliché. We assume it’s only a matter of time before Aziza is cool all over again.

Food Rundown

Spreads with flatbread
It’s Mediterranean, you gotta start your meal up with some spreads and breads. These do not disappoint.

Chicken wings
No buffalo sauce to be found here, just some perfectly-cooked wings with fresh vegetables. A must.

Duck Confit Basteeya
We struggle to describe this dish. It’s kind of a round crackly pastry filled with hot duck meat. And trust us, you want this wheel of meat...in your mouth. It’s a signature dish, with good reason. The highlight of the menu.

The only letdown here. The much-talked-up couscous is good, but not $19 good. Skip it if you’re on a budget.

Short rib, Lamb shank
Tender, well-seasoned hunks of meat. Necessary.


These rotate a lot but there’s usually an inventive cake option and some seasonal ice creams. You know what to do.

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