An Japanese Restaurant

Once-in-a-lifetime omakase may require you to throw down the equivalent of three round-trip, cross-country plane tickets. Not the case at An Japanese Restaurant. This high-end sushi spot located in a secluded corner of the Japan Center offers various set menus ranging between $125-$135 per person, and includes a wonderful mix of exceptional raw fish, mushroom chawanmushi, miso soup, and flaky miso marinated black cod. Everything—like the a la carte sushi rolls and nigiri (there is a $100 per person minimum)—is light and simple, allowing the fish flavors to shine. The place is about the size of two elevators, so you can sit at the six-seat counter in relaxed silence, or enjoy easy-going conversation with the chef about how deep black bass can swim. Either way, make a reservation via text message to eat here.

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