Is Gold Covered Food Worth The Hype? feature image


Is Gold Covered Food Worth The Hype?

Our hosts of To Stay Or To Go, Sydnee Washington and Marie Faustin, investigate.

Sydnee Washington and Marie Faustin are comedians, friends, hosts of the Unofficial Expert podcast — and our resident official experts on food trends. They’ve tried everything from cloud bread to upcycled snacks (aka, trash) on their series To Stay or To Go, and now they’re trying the trend that won’t die: Gold-covered food.

Every six months or so, a video of shiny food that costs hundreds of dollars goes viral, presumably worth that much because it’s coated in real, edible, 24 karat gold. But edible gold is actually completely flavorless and relatively inexpensive. Apparently the number of sheets you need to cover a chicken wing cost a few dollars, tops.

That’s not to say making your own gold covered food isn’t super fun. Sydnee’s delicious chicken wings (her signature dish) taste just as good with a gold foil layer. But are restaurants with $1,000 gold burgers and wings serving up decadence or just an edible scam?

Watch to find out:

If you want to take a stab at making your own gold covered wings, here’s everything you’ll need.

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Is Gold Covered Food Worth The Hype? feature image

These gold sheets were the best option for wings. One sheet is all you need to add a glamorous gilded cape to each chicken wing but if you’re feeling extra fancy you could use two or three to cover it completely.

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Is Gold Covered Food Worth The Hype? feature image

Sydnee and Marie also had fun with these gold flakes, which come with bamboo tweezers for easy application. They’re ideal for adding a glittery accent to desserts.

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Is Gold Covered Food Worth The Hype? feature image

Obviously you need to cook the chicken wings on something, which is where this Great Jones cookie sheet comes in. And if you want to learn how to make Sydnee’s famous chicken wings, watch her prepare them on her iconic IGTV cooking show Syd Can Cook.

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Is Gold Covered Food Worth The Hype? feature image

Hot sauce on wings is an absolute must. Frank’s Red Hot (extra hot) is our go-to.

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