Cleo Bagels

If you want a bagel or bialy with as much puff as a small pillow, head to West Philly’s Cleo Bagels. The small shop has people lining up for their big, doughy creations (FYI—they’re only open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays). They have seeded classics like poppy, everything, and sesame that you can top with things like whitefish, house peanut butter, or scallion cream cheese. But it’s their signature sandwiches that really showcase their creativity. The Ramen Thing is the perfect layering of marinated egg, pickled ginger, bamboo, togarashi mayo, seaweed crisps, and scallions, all on a bagel of your choice. Each bite is slightly sweet, salty, and has everything that makes a brothy bowl of ramen so great—all while being much handier. Come here for a morning cup of coffee, a few Apple Thing pastries, and bagels you’ll want to eat down to the last crumb. 

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