Frosty Freez

Each spring, everybody in Newport looks forward to the first Frosty Freez of the season. The same is true before they close in the fall, as everyone scrambles to get their last cone or sundae in before the season ends. They serve basically every frozen treat known to man: classic soft serve, a variety of hard ice cream flavors from different producers, hard and soft serve frozen yogurt, sherberts, slushes, and sorbets, as well as vegan, gluten-free, and no-sugar-added options. 

It’s a convenient stop on Route 138 after a hot day on the beach, but also worth a drive from downtown on a hot evening. Although there’s no indoor seating, you’ll be in good company slurping your cone or sundae in the parking lot among families, first dates of all ages, motorcycle groups, and possibly a celebrity.

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