The Wash

Yes, The Wash is technically one of those culinary incubators that’s made up of multiple micro-restaurants testing out their concepts before making the leap to a permanent brick and mortar. So, you’re going to find some pretty interesting and hard-to-find stuff (for Nashville, at least) in one of its 380-square-foot bays. Right now, that means Thai fried chicken and mango sticky rice at SS Gai, Cuban sandwiches and orange-garlic mojo marinated pork butt at Soy Cubano, and bowls of aromatic phở at Vietnamese start-up East Side Pho. Plan to eat your way around the different concepts before making a final stop at Bay 6 for some beer, wine, or a Baby Jessica—a riff off a piña colada that uses tequila, banana liqueur, carbonated coconut water, and lime juice.

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