Yes, the rumors are true - the dill pickle shave ice at TastyBlock is the best in Los Angeles. Which might sound a little crazy, but this tiny dessert shop in Carson smashes every pillar of the Perfect Shave Ice Pyramid. For starters, they use a real, proper ice machine, which finely shaves the ice from a block (rather than crushing it), creating a super-fine snow-like base. They’re generous, yet judicious, with their toppings - never overdoing portions of condensed milk, chamoy, or li hing mui powder. And the syrups are, of course all pretty tasty, from blue raspberry to a killer keiki rainbow, but let’s get back to the dill pickle. A secret passion project created by the owner, it’s a bright green, vinegar-heavy syrup poured over soft, powdery ice. It’s a little shocking at first, but once your brain gets used to the amalgamation of unfamiliar tastes, trust us, it will adapt.

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5 Spots For Hawaiian Shave Ice In LA guide image
5 Spots For Hawaiian Shave Ice In LA

Summer looks a little different this year (read: it sucks). Cool off with a real-deal shave ice at one of these five spots.

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