Konbi Ni

Echo Park sandwich shop Konbi is now Konbi Ni—a retooled breakfast and lunch concept with an eight-seat counter in their original space on Sunset. Mornings here are dedicated to traditional Japanese breakfast sets, and you’ll have to make a prepaid reservation to try them. The three-course menu goes for $46 and includes things like charcoal-grilled fish, miso soup, fluffy tamago, and a few kinds of pickles. The steelhead salmon is particularly great, with crunchy skin, a charred bottom, and moist, flaky meat in between. Since the whole room is only about 500 square feet, you’re better off dining solo—relax at the long wooden bar, sip some oolong tea, and watch the chefs assemble your breakfast. Konbi Ni also does lunch service for walk-ins starting at 12pm, with a short menu of Japanese-French bistro dishes like steak frites and brothy beans with clams.