Flour Cafe + Pizzeria

Despite being gutted of almost all charm and originality (thank you, Rick Caruso), strolling through Pacific Palisades’ downtown is still a mildly enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. Finding a good, quick slice of pizza while you’re there, however, is challenging. Go to Flour Cafe, a reliable shop where you point at what you want behind the glass, the staff throws it in the oven for a reheat, and in a few minutes time, you’ll be out front folding big, glistening pieces of thin, floppy New York-style pie into your mouth. Order the mildly spicy pepperoni, and, our personal favorite, the bianca. Covered in generous heaps of mozzarella and ricotta, it’s decadent but not so heavy that you can’t function afterward. And that’s good news because you still have to get to Aesop.