Cafe Triste

The perks of going to Cafe Triste are twofold: you get to drink eclectic natural wines, and you get to do it at neon-lit Mandarin Plaza in Chinatown. This bar from the team behind Psychic Wines will likely become the “it” spot for 20-somethings, wine drinkers, and anyone who can pull off spray-painted jeans. On weekends, the sidewalk out front is a packed, see-and-be-seen scenario where people stand around with glasses of gamay till midnight. If you'd rather grab a table, sit inside their moody, low-lit dining room, look around at the paintings on the walls, and snack on comte cheese toast or some country ham. Whether you’re a self-certified expert or don’t quite know how liquid can be described as “chewy,” the friendly staff will help you find something exciting and affordable on their condensed wine list (most glasses cost around $14).

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