Bulgogi Hut is maybe the perfect AYCE KBBQ spot of the moment - somehow, its able to maintain a party-like atmosphere without anyone getting too close to one another. All of the tables at this Ktown spot are sectioned off by giant fiberglass partitions, the air is properly smoky, plates of meat arrive almost overflowing, and the waitstaff is kind, and eager to help you make your next selection. If you’re not in the mood for grilling, they have some excellent pre-made options, like golden-brown chicken wings (which come with a medley of sauces), Spam fried rice, and galbi bento boxes filled to the brim with tender, glazed meats alongside rice, japchae, and banchan. From the AYCE KBBQ part of the menu, you pretty much can’t go wrong - the deluxe option is only $26, and you and your coworker will have your choice of rib fingers, marinated chicken, black angus beef brisket, and of course, the titular bulgogi - all of which pair really well with a tall glass of beer and discussing your theories on if you’ll ever return to the office.

Bulgogi Hut review image

Bulgogi Hut review image

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