Borekas Sephardic Pastries

Served warm from the oven, the buttery bourekas at this kosher takeout window in Sherman Oaks are decadent little masterpieces. These Israeli-style stuffed pastries are rolled into an oblong shape that’s about a foot long, baked until they’re browned around the edges, then cut into slices so they can be shared between two to three people. From the moment we took our first bite and heard the audible crackle of crispy phyllo dough, we knew we’d found one of the best new dishes of 2022. You might wait as long as a half-hour for your order, but once you bite into these flaky, cheesy pastries, none of that will matter.

Borekas comes from the people behind PSY Street Kitchen, a Kosher burger spot in the same strip mall on Ventura Blvd. As the name implies, the entire menu here is dedicated to life-changing bourekas, with four different fillings available: feta and spinach, mushroom and truffles, ricotta and za'atar, and brown butter with potatoes. And unlike celebrity skincare lines, you should actually make an effort to try them all. Each order is served in a small pizza box, and includes some very crucial sides: a hard-boiled egg, pickles, red schug and tomato pulp (mix the last two together to make a spicy tomato dip). One boureka here is large enough to split with a friend, but they’re so good you'll want to devour every slice yourself like Pac-Man eats those tiny dots.

Borekas is open from 9am-2pm every day except Saturday—a line usually starts to form around opening time, which means some options could be sold out by noon. So unless you’re a morning person, the best way to order is to call ahead of time. Someone at the counter will give you a precise pick-up time so that your bourekas will be piping hot when you arrive. If that sounds way too unrealistic for your slightly chaotic life, we see you. Just do your best to get here before noon. Even if you can only get your hands on one, it’ll be the best $12 you’ve spent all year.

Food Rundown

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Fungi, Onion, & Truffle

We aren't going to weigh in on what we think is the absolute best boureka on the menu, because it would be like choosing our favorite Tarantino movie (tough and highly debatable). That said, this one is up there. It’s filled with chopped mushrooms, caramelized onions, and a whiff of black truffle, which all blends together like the voices of Destiny’s Child.

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Cultured Cheese & Za’atar

This is the simplest boureka on the menu, and it really allows you to appreciate the tender, croissant-like dough. The cheese inside is a smooth ricotta and, much like Dolly Parton walking into a party, the za’atar spice blend sprinkled on top livens things up.

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Potato & Brown Butter

We usually feel the most full after eating this one. It’s the most rich and buttery option, and the potatoes give it some starchy heft. As incredible as it is, you’ll definitely want to share it.

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Spinach & Cheese

Like a wedding DJ who starts the night off with “I Gotta Feeling,” this boureka is a crowd-pleaser. It's creamy on the inside, buttery and flaky on the outside, with just the perfect amount of char along the edges to keep the feta from getting soggy. Consider it a must-order on your first visit.

Borekas Sephardic Pastries review image

Borekas Pinukim

Secrets are meant to be revealed, especially when they’re boureka-related secrets. So we’re happy to tell you all about this off-menu special: It’s a play on a classic Isreali breakfast sandwich featuring a split bourekas of your choice as the bun. Inside is a medley of creamy soft boiled eggs, fresh tomato slices, and diced pickles. Plus, you’ll get some tahini with za’atar on the side that you can drizzle on top at your pleasure.

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