Silver Dollar Bar & Grill

The Silver Dollar Bar & Grill is located inside the Wort Hotel, which has a rich history, including (but not limited to) gambling in the basement “Snakepit,” where you needed a password to get in. Today, you won’t find any gambling, but there’s plenty of good food and entertainment. The Silver Dollar Bar and the Silver Dollar Grill are both in the hotel and have a similar menu, but each offers a totally different experience. The Bar (which features a showroom) has live music and dancing some nights, along with a menu of things like the Wort Famous corn chowder, bison and smoked garlic chili, burgers, elk gyros, and pulled pork poutine. The Grill is a bit more upscale with delicious options like beef filet, grilled pork tomahawk, vegan gnocchi pomodoro, and more.

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