Morningbird Kinderhook

If you find yourself in the sleepy village of Kinderhook, make a bee-line to Morningbird and order their breakfast sandwich. The dish is something you’ll find yourself incapable of shutting up about, and is made with lemongrass pork sausage, a golden fried egg, scallion chimichurri and sambal-flecked mayo, and a fluffy milk bun that easily soaks up runny egg yolk. There isn't much seating inside and people tend to leisurely stay a while, so it can be hard to snag a table here. But if you can find a spot to sit, you might find yourself eavesdropping on a couple co-working on their laptops or a group of academics discussing the etymology of the word “diaspora.” Morningbird is also a solid option for a leisurely lunch—a warm bowl of green curry with hearty mushrooms is ideal for enjoying at the window bar on a rainy day.

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