Seoul Garden

Step inside Seoul Garden in Spring Branch and you’ll have to gingerly cross a bridge over a small indoor pond that's complete with a waterwheel just to get into the dining room. The ambiance is pretty understated: a few portraits, a handful of plants sprinkled around the room, and the subtle hum of the propane grill at your table. You’re here for the carmelized thin strips of pork bulgogi and beef brisket that make their way to your table along with a parade of banchan. And while the menu here is pretty standard, there’s plenty of food to choose from (including the side salad with an invigorating ginger dressing), and the staff allows you to take over the grilling as you see fit. Come by Seoul Garden when you want a more secluded meal where you’ll be comfortably tucked away in a corner, want to handle whatever business that can only be discussed over beef ribeye, or when you can’t get that mango soju cocktail out of your head.

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