Guard and Grace

It used to be that a power lunch anywhere outside of the tech center meant having a Kind bar mid-hike. Because let’s be serious, downtown Denver isn't exactly teeming with guys in suits looking to spend lunch with a filet mignon and a glass of Merlot.

But every city needs at least one official downtown power lunch spot, at least for the out of town executives who do want meat and fancy silverware. Enter Guard and Grace - a modern steakhouse currently standing court as lunch and dinner HQ for seemingly every business person traveling in and out of metro Denver.

Turns out focusing that power lunch play around aloof usage of traveling corporate credit cards was genius. Monday through Friday, G&G; packs all 9,000+ square feet of its dining space with formal idea pitch-sters and boondogglers alike. It’s huge, it’s beautiful, and it’s probably making more money than all of its patrons combined.

Lunch is king at G&G;, but the dinner features an expanded menu and the same suited up crowd… only more boozed up. This basically means the people watching gets really interesting at night. Dinner theatre at its best. If G&G; really wants to up its game, they might consider offering a dry cleaning service to help deal with all the grease and wine stained suits that tend to multiply post-sunset.

Like any respectable steakhouse, both the lunch and dinner menus are huge. You can choose between a full raw bar, a wide variety of starter and sandwich options, a few heavy main courses, and of course, steak. Everything is expensive, but everything is good. Especially if you’re spending someone else’s money. Which is exactly how we recommend you experience Guard and Grace. This isn’t a bill you want to be responsible for.

Food Rundown

Colorado Bison Tartare

An interesting order - the meat isn't actually ground, but rather comes in pretty hefty chunks. The quail egg and sunchoke chips pair with the buffalo pretty well, but it kind of feels like you're chewing raw stew meat. A fun way to display your best Hannibal Lecter impersonation.

Tuna Sashimi

A really nice light dish. The fish is delicious, especially with the added jalapeno and ponzu. If it’s on the menu, get it.

Alaskan Black Cod

We ordered this on the recommendation of our server and outside of the au gratin potatoes, it was the best thing we ate. Big, buttery, flakey. Also buttery.

Filet Mignon Flight

Three, 4 oz. servings of filet in prime, angus and grass fed varieties. There’s nothing to complain about here outside of maybe the size vs. price factor - the meat is tender, juicy… really good. But if you are considering price, the fish and other seafood options at G&G; are better.

Truffled Gnocci

Like the owners of G&G;, this SOB is f-ing RICH. The gnocci is doused in garlic, butter and truffle oil. Be aware that your heart may stop after a few bites. Death by Gnocci, however, isn’t the worst obituary lede to be remembered by.

Au Gratin Potatoes

Best thing on the menu. These come out looking like pork belly, and made us want to fry up some eggs and bacon. Definitely order for the meal, and definitely order some to go, because they taste even better warmed up the next morning for breakfast.