"Fusion," is a word you're probably familiar with, especially when it refers to Asian cuisine. But does anyone really know what that means? A simple concept, yes. But a concept that is nonetheless usually over-explained without any real clarity. It’s like asking someone to describe Art Deco design - 12 minutes of generalizations and hand wafting will likely ensue, ending in you just wanting to "art deco" the describer in the face. Our advice, skip the explanations and learn through experience. In the modern Asian game, let ChoLon be your sensei.

Adding twists to classic dim sum and larger course dishes, ChoLon is the ideal example of a good Asian "fusion" restaurant. Soup dumplings seem traditional on first inspection, and yet there is french onion soup inside of them. The bacon fried rice is a "carbonara" with runny egg on top. But ChoLon’s ability to understand where twists & upgrades aren’t needed might be even more impressive. The steamed buns are simple and delicious, with little bells and whistles - just an upgrade to meet the upscale, business-lunch-friendly environment.

We love pretty much everything we’ve eaten here (and we’ve eaten everything) and ChoLon is worth trying at least once. It's also worth getting into your permanent rotation, especially if you live or work downtown.

Food Rundown

Pork Belly Buns

Simple, delicious, and a must order. We like the self-assembly situation, though it can get messy. Keep an eye on your tie.

ChoLon review image

Soup Dumplings

Another must order, and you should probably get each person in your group their own steamer basket. Each dumpling is filled with french onion soupy goodness. One of our favorite things to eat in all of Denver.

Pot Stickers

Another simple execution that you’re used to, with enough subtle tweaks to raise your brow a bit. Great ingredients, great preparation, great bite. Get a ton of these and the dumplings during happy hour and you’ll be happy… like, Buddha happy.

Diver Scallops Pad Thai

Nothing mind-blowing here, but if you like scallops and pad thai, you’ll like this. Could use a little more flavor, but everything from the protein to the noodles is cooked/prepared perfectly.

Miso Glazed Cod

There’s no last place at ChoLon, but this has been the least favorite of what we’ve eaten. Prepared nicely, but the flavors aren’t very strong. Good if you’re looking to eat something that feels light.

ChoLon review image

Bacon “Fried Rice” Carbonara

Yes. Orzo, sweet peas, and parmesan cheese, along with some thick-cut bacon and a soft boiled egg on top. Order this for the table, or everyone will hate you when they see it coming out to every other table.

Brussel Sprouts

With enough butter, you can make anything taste good. Add in some pork and kaffir lime and these are a no brainer. Might want to order two sets if you’ve got a group of 4-6.

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