Mangia Mi

Mangia Mi might feel like one of those places that play up the Italian stereotypes, with a Vespa parked out front and the “get sauced” tagline on t-shirts. But we’re willing to overlook all that for an order of Momma’s Meatballs and the excellent homemade pastas that change daily. Everything is delicious, but you should prioritize the tagliatelle alla vodka with sausage, Romano eggplant stack, and the garlic and parmesan focaccia. They’re also known for crispy New Haven-style pizzas, like the signature Mikey’s Mambo Italiano, with spicy Calabrian chili honey drizzle and layers of meat, which pair perfectly with $3 PBRs at Happy Hour. This is somewhere you’ll definitely need a reservation for, and they only take bookings over the phone.

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