Gourdough's Public House

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Gourdough’s Public House is a restaurant where the foundation of every dish is a funnel cake. And what a fantastic, beautiful nightmare it is. It’s essentially a dressed up sports bar with a GQ photoshoot-ready aesthetic.

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We’re not exactly sure what the scientific definition of a funnel cake is, but we know it’s some sort of fried bread that usually only exists in the confines of a carnival - until these people decided to change this. Whether you’re eating a burger, a salad, or a plate, a funnel cake is somehow incorporated into the mix. All ingredients involved are outstandingly tasty and built to destroy all walls of your mind’s better judgement.

They offer a very large number of booze specials like a tower of beer that can render an entire fraternity pledge class or startup incubator unconscious.

Food Rundown

Mother Clucker

The Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit grown up. Whataburger should try to sue them for taking something they created and making it way better.

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Seafood Po’ Boy

Fried oysters or shrimp with a creole remoulade. There are few times when cajun food is appetizing this far west of Louisiana - this is one of them.

Gourdough’s Big Baller

A burger with pimento cheese and tomatoes. Did we mention that it’s stuffed into a funnel cake? This automatically makes it a more indulgent creation than any burger around.

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