Moonlight Pizza

When we’re in Little Five, there are only a few scenarios where we’d willingly pass up Savage’s superior pizza for Moonlight’s. The first is if it’s late at night. Moonlight serves up pies until 4am most nights, which comes in clutch after a few too many brews at Elmyr. The other is if we have vegan friends in tow because Moonlight offers an entire vegan menu with enough options to make them feel like they're running through a field of veggies and plant-based meats. It takes a second for our eyes to adjust to the loud pink interior complete with pink wooden booths and pink tables (it’s a lotta pink), but once we do it’s the perfect low-key place to slam down some decent-size lemon pepper wings. Much like their too-thin crusted pizza, the chicken philly won’t win any awards, but it’ll cure your hunger, so we’ll take it.

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