Dryver Bar

The unmarked silver door to Dryver is hidden in the back of Yeppa and Co. in Buckhead. Inside, things go from 0-to-100 when you’re immediately immersed in their moody, red-hued Formula 1-meets-Tron theme. Drinks sit on top of tire tread coasters, racing stripes line the floor, and neon signs in the odd shapes of F1 courses cover the ceiling. We don’t know much about F1 other than Max Verstappen (which we did have to Google), but we do know a lot about alcohol. So, get the Dryver because it’s a tasty dirty martini that comes with an edible cloud (yep, little lemon-flavored gas bubbles) hanging above the cocktail. Despite all the gimmicks, it’s a scene-y hangout with well-made cocktails that makes a good pit stop before dinner.

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