Angry Crab Shack

Atlanta has another damn crab restaurant. But before you go lumping this latest Atlantic Station entry in the same bucket with other juicy/wild/boiling spots, let it be known that this one is cracked differently. Sure, the Janet Jackson is turned up too high, and you’ll have the same rowdy birthday groups. But at least the bar top isn’t sticky, the crab tanks aren’t cloudy, and servers seem genuinely interested if you’re enjoying your lobster crostini (spoiler: you will). Which brings us to another point—the seafood here doesn’t taste like it’s just been unboxed from Costco. The two-person Shack Mixed Bag may pinch the pockets at $100, but there’s a freshness to this Cajun-lemon-peppery bowl of crab clusters, a lobster tail, corn, and red potatoes rarely found around town.