Southern Feedstore: EAV’s Food Hall-Power Ranking guide image


Southern Feedstore: EAV’s Food Hall-Power Ranking

Live music and late nights make SF the perfect addition to the already chill EAV strip.

With new food halls popping up like whac-a-moles, food hall fatigue is very real. But EAV’s smaller food hall, Southern Feedstore, leaves the usual chaos of massive crowds and screaming children behind. Live music performances, comedy nights, and kitchens that stay open ’til 4am on the weekends make SF the perfect addition to the already chill EAV strip.

The Spots


TKO is actually short for The Korean One, but it is a total knockout for your taste buds, also. The tin roof and paper lanterns hanging above the order counter always beckon us over. And one taste of their house-battered K-dogs made with Nathan's all-beef franks and cheesy kimchi fried rice with a heavy dose of gochujang sauce will keep you coming back for more. All the Korean street food options are so tasty, so you should prepare to go a couple rounds so you can taste ‘em all.

The best Philly cheesesteaks in Atlanta have come to EAV. With a shorter menu than the original Midtown location, the Woody’s stall at the Southern Feed Store offers their legendary Woody’s steak sandwich and other varieties stuffed with peppers, onions, and a generous portion of meat. The cold deli hoagies would make a Philadelphian proud, too. Similar to the Midtown shack, Woody’s is open late on the weekends, so after dancing your heart out at The Basement, you can refuel with gooey, sloppy cheesesteaks and fries.

After visiting the Waffle Bar in EAV, we might have a new syrup-covered love (Dear Waffle House, it’s not you, we’re just in a different place right now). These belgian beauties are light and airy with a slightly crispy exterior. For those too indecisive to BYO, the specialty waffles are the way to go. Get the CTC, which recalls our childhood favorite Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, or opt for the Double Chocolate–a chocolate waffle with chocolate chips and chocolate syrup. If you’re not in the mood for Willy Wonka-esque sweetness, we like the solid pimento cheese and spinach parmesan waffle. And of course, you can pair your waffle with various forms of fried chicken (wings, tenders, and vegan tenders).

Butaco is a popular food truck that usually posts up outside of Buteco in Grant Park. But they've expanded with a new stall in the Southern Feedstore food hall in EAV. The exterior of the stall pays homage to its mobile roots with an outline of a truck complete with actual wheels and a side-view mirror. Order at the counter and choose from a variety of tacos served in corn tortillas like the spicy al pastor or opt for the crunchy shelled El Gringo with ground beef. The churros are skippable, but that’s fine ‘cause we can always snag a chocolate waffle for dessert from the Waffle Bar stall next door.

In Portuguese, “buteco” means a place where alcoholic beverages are sold, AKA our favorite type of spot. Since none of the other food stalls at the Southern Feedstore serve alcohol, you’ll find us on a stool at this mosaic tiled Brazilian bar with a Caipirinha in hand.

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photo credit: Sarah Newman

Southern Feedstore: EAV’s Food Hall-Power Ranking guide image