Rudi's Stroopwafels

Aside from friets, the stroopwafel is an inescapable Dutch eating to-do. Many a stroopwafel slinger will claim theirs as the best, but for the actual best, head to Rudi’s. The thin wafel comes out softer (use both hands to hold it vertically) with a slight crunch compared to other doughier, shatter-prone versions, and the syrup is freshly made with more warming spices, like cinnamon, that most industrial ones skimp on. They’re located in Albert Cuyp Markt, one of the largest markets in Europe, where you can also find other local specialties like cured herring, fried cod, and poffertjes. There are plenty of other stalls that have fancier digs and toppings, but Rudi's is where you should buy stroopwafels to bring back home with you.

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