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December 9, 2020
The Best Gifts For People Who Love Jam (Even If They Don’t Know It Yet)
If you’re not including jam in your holiday shopping, you’re missing out on an exciting gift-giving opportunity.
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You know when you kind of like something, then everyone starts associating that thing with you, then the world decides that’s Your Thing? That’s me and jam. I am also passionate about collard greens, diners, Cheez-its, and Diet Dr. Pepper, but those things never became part of My Brand. All that changed with jam.

Last December, I started posting daily Instagram stories about the Bonne Maman advent calendar, which is exactly what it sounds like: a collection of 24 mini jars of preserves from the French brand that feels fancy to me, even though I rationally know it’s mass produced and available at most grocery stores. People were captivated. They demanded more jam. A community of enthusiasts sprung up around me - the Jam Fans - who declared me their leader.

I don’t know why jam struck a nerve when collard greens didn’t (they’re superior to kale in every way). Maybe jam resonates with people because it reminds us of things we love, like breakfast, home, the changing of the seasons, and old people. Maybe it’s all the sugar. All I know is people love jam and if you’re not including it in your holiday shopping, you’re missing out on an exciting gift-giving opportunity.

As an influencer to literally dozens of jam enthusiasts, I guarantee this gift guide is full of things that will delight the Jam Fans in your life. It also conveniently doubles as my personal wish list, Mom.


Bonne Maman Limited Edition Seasonal Twin Pack: Pumpkin Spice And Cranberry Cherry

Last year’s Bonne Maman advent calendar included several limited-edition flavors, the most exciting of which was Purple Fig and Cinnamon. What I didn’t know then was that one mini jar of preserves, that single ounce, would be the only Purple Fig and Cinnamon that I would have in my lifetime. Not savoring that ounce is in my personal Top Five Regrets. I tell you that story to emphasize the importance of buying limited edition Bonne Maman flavors while you can. Cherish every moment with them. Get this set for yourself and send one to a friend and for years, you’ll find yourselves remembering 2020 not as the year of Covid, but the year of Cranberry-Cherry.

Get some Pumpkin Spice and Cranberry Cherry Jam ($12.50) →

Trade Street Co. Jamily Gift Set

Trade Street Jam Co.’s jams are low in sugar and pectin-free, which means they’re less sweet, thinner in consistency, and taste incredibly fresh. It also means they’re perfect for adding to savory dishes, baked goods, and cocktails. This gift set includes their best-selling jams and sweet potato biscuit mix, but it’s the clever Spread Jam reusable tote that really says, “I saw this and thought of you, Jam Fan, and knew you had to have it, because gifts are my love language, and I love you.”

Get a Jamily Gift Set from Trader Street Co. ($98.00) →

Girl Meets Dirt PB&J Box

Girl Meets Dirt makes incredible jams in inventive flavors. This PB&J set is the kind of gourmet-yet-playful, quirky food gift I would give Zooey Deschanel, should the occasion ever arise.

Get a Girl Meets Dirt PB&J box ($64.00) →

Girl Meets Dirt New Release Box

Sneakerheads, record collectors, Jam Fans: everyone loves a new release. Send this to a serious Jam Fan who appreciates how crucial hot pepper jam is to a well-rounded jam pantry.

Get the Girl Meets Dirt New Release Box ($50.00) →

A Taste Of Le Marais

If I could have any restaurant experience in the world shipped to my door in Queens, it would be Waffle House at 2:30 AM, but that’s not an option. If I had a second choice, it would be a lazy, jam-forward morning at a French patisserie, which you can convincingly recreate with this gift set that includes Le Marais’ fresh au beurre and chocolate croissants, house-made jam, and signature blend of San Francisco’s Wrecking Ball Roasters coffee.

Get A Taste of Le Marais ($109.95) →

This Extremely Cottagecore Canning Set

Making homemade jam seems fun and easy but I am, personally, too afraid of giving everyone I love botulism to try my hand at canning. For the fearless (or vengeful) Jam Fan, this stainless steel canning set is peak 2020 cottagecore aesthetic.

Get this canning set ($74.99) →

Wolferman’s Crumpets And English Muffins

A good jam requires a worthy vessel and these fluffy, bagel-thick English muffins and crumpets are some of the best - especially toasted with a healthy layer of butter under your jam to soak into all the nooks and crannies. All of the varieties are delicious, but the crumpets and Cranberry Citrus muffins are the must-buys here.

Get Wolferman’s Crumpets ($19.99 - $24.99) →

Get Wolferman’s English Muffins ($24.99 - $29.99) →

Charcuterie Board

For Jam Fans, a fig, quince, or hot pepper jam is always the star of the cheese plate. Gift them a charcuterie board that will show off their jam and cheese pairings.

Get this charceuterie board ($59.00) →

Ceramic Bowls

These handmade bowls are a great compliment for a charcuterie board. They’re made for pouring, but are also perfect for filling with jam and using the spout to hold a small spoon or spreader in place.

Get these ceramic bowls ($16.90) →

Pam The Jam: The Book Of Preserves

Renowned jam expert Pam Corril is the judge and patron of the World Marmalade Festival. I would very much like to befriend and then, ultimately, dethrone her. This cookbook contains all of her secrets.

Get Pam the Jam: The Book of Preserves ($25.76) →

Bonne Maman Print

After such a uniquely godawful year, inspirational and encouraging gifts are especially welcome. This one is as cute as it is profound.

Get this Bonne Maman print ($15.00) →

Black Fig Candle

There is an elite group within the Jam Fan community known as the Fig Fam. This candle is for those esteemed few. It smells like someone who takes afternoon tea breaks, whose baked goods always come out flawless, who never loses their keys, and who is wise and worldly enough to truly appreciate fig jam. This sweet and spicy candle is not only a great gift for anyone in the Fig Fam, but a perfect option if you’re looking for a Christmas candle that doesn’t smell like a tree-shaped car air freshener. You can also probably find it in a local gift shop.

Get this Black Fig candle ($20.00) →

Tess Smith Roberts Breakfast Print

Jam people are, generally, breakfast people. I love how this bright print evokes the same sunny, optimistic feelings I associate with jam. I also like the smiley faces. Give it to someone who could use some art that inspires new beginnings and a cheerful sense of security. And smiley faces.

Get this Tess Smith Roberts Breakfast print ($33.62) →

Strawberry Earrings

These earrings are, like the gingham lid on a jar of Bonne Maman, equal parts whimsical and chic. Buy these for someone who drinks rosé out of empty jam jars. Me, for example.

Get these Strawberry earrings ($128.00) →

Bonne Maman Preserves: Fig, Four Fruits, And Apricot Raspberry

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can’t go wrong with three timeless Bonne Maman flavors: fig, four fruits, and apricot raspberry. This is my personal core jam inventory - I always have at least one of these in my fridge at any time. These are the gateway jams, once you give these to someone and they step outside of their grape jelly comfort zone, there’s no looking back.

Get some Bonne Maman Preserves ($34.11) →

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