Mustard's Grill

Welcome to Napa’s most important elevated diner, and a spot that would easily be selected for The Infatuation Hall of Fame if such a thing existed. If you’re someone who lives for meat dishes, Mustard’s is an absolute can’t-miss meal that always delivers. The order here is simple: get the Mongolian Pork Chop with a side of fried onions, plus a seafood tostada as a nice palate cleanser. While we appreciate pork chops can be hard to get excited about, Mustard’s version is one of a kind. It’s juicy and tender like a filet mignon, and the mixture of the dijon mustard sauce it comes drenched in with sweet and sour cabbage is the kind of bite dreams are made of. Sprinkle some of those thinly sliced fried onions on top, and you have yourself an extremely good time. Everything on the menu is solid, but nothing else creates that lasting impression quite like the chop.

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