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The Riggsby

PHOTOS: Scott Suchman

Let’s set the scene: you’re going to dinner with the in-laws, or parents, or grandparents, or all of the above (you poor, poor soul). The mix of people will be older, and the night is as likely to end up in a shouting match and a fork in someone’s leg as it is to end with hugs. You want somewhere classy, full of witnes - sorry, full of people, and with an edge of cool to make everyone at the table feel young. Oh, and with plenty of dark brown liquids.

The Riggsby is your spot. Attached to the Carlyle Hotel in DuPont, it does everything “classic” extremely well. Everything about it is a throwback to a time when Sinatra was still running with the Rat Pack. Hell, they even call “dinner” “supper.” Yeah, like we said, real old-timey. Something that the older people in your party will appreciate.

There isn’t anything on the menu that you haven’t heard of before, but that’s OK, this isn’t the place you go for that. This is the place you go when you need everything executed perfectly, where you’re one misstep away from a lengthy healthcare conversation held at an uncomfortable volume.

Food Rundown

Deviled eggs

These pack a nice punch with some heat and have a good crunch with some crispy chicken skin on top.

Michael Schlow
Chorizo Stuffed mushrooms

Don’t be tempted by the name of this, it isn’t as good as it sounds. A good idea in theory, but they’re too dry. Skip these.

Jimmy’s Special “Chopped” House Salad

We don’t know who the f*ck Jimmy is but he deserves praise for turning a boring salad into a must-order to start for the table.

Michael Schlow
Seared Scallops

One of the lighter entree options, but a solid one nonetheless.

Heritage Farms Pork Chop

Cooked to a perfect medium-rare and drizzled with the pan drippings right in front of you at the table. Yes, please.

Roasted Chicken

Sticking with the theme here, The Riggsby excels at dishes that should be dull but are excellent. The crispy skin steals the show.

Michael Schlow
NY Stip Filet

Basically steak frites (with their excellent fries). Our favorite thing on the menu.


All the usual suspects of classic cocktails along with some more modern twists. Let these help dull your sensitivities.

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