Texas Jack's Barbecue

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Hours:SUNDAY11:00AM to 11:00PM
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BBQ is having a moment in DC, and generally speaking, that’s a good thing. The more smoked meats, the better. But that also means there’s more bad BBQ out there. So when a new place opens up and says they’re serving authentic Texas ’Q, we’re skeptical.

Walking into Texas Jacks doesn’t do anything to dispel that skepticism. We’ve always thought that BBQ should be served on butcher paper and picked up at a counter. Here, there are tablecloths and waiters, and the napkins get put in the laundry instead of crumpled up in the trash. The menu is on fake distressed wood. There is a general air of put-on Southernism, the visual equivalent of a Kenny Chesney album. Expectations were not high.

But here’s the thing: the BBQ is really good. Yes, it’s fancier than it should be, and probably a little more expensive because of it, but the fanciness comes with some side benefits. There’s a solid bourbon and cocktail menu and a nice line-up of sides to accompany your meat.

As passionate BBQ enthusiasts, we have no problem recommending this place. We take it back Texas Jacks. It was us, not you.

Food Rundown


Any BBQ joint with “Texas” in the name better have pretty damned good brisket, and they nail it. A traditionally minimalist salt and pepper rub, and they’re able to keep it moist at any hour you come in. No small feat. Make this the centerpiece of your order.

Texas Jack’s Barbecue review image

Beef Short Rib

A gigantic, Instagrammable go-to that tastes as good as it looks. Get those likes.

Smoked Chicken

Very moist smoked chicken. Not a bad choice if you’re looking to go with something lighter. But if that’s the case, why come to a BBQ joint?

Texas Jack’s Barbecue review image


Pick some up for a football Sunday, you’ll be the hit of the party.

Pulled Pork

The weak link on the menu. Fairly dry on its own and needs a lot of sauce to save it. Skip it.

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