Tail Up Goat

When we heard that a few people from Komi and Little Serow, two of our favorite spots in the city, were opening up a new place, we got very excited. When we heard it was going to be in Adams Morgan, we were confused. AdMo isn’t necessarily known for its great food, and is instead known for the ample opportunity to see drunk interns upchuck all over the sidewalk at 2am after a night of questionable liquor choices. But thankfully, Tail Up Goat is a few blocks north of all that madness so you can avoid all the early 20-somethings learning that those new thing called “salaries” can buy endless amounts of cheap liquor. Knowing all that, you’ll want to head to Tail Up Goat immediately, because, in our professional opinion, this place is awesome.

You’re going to be tempted by something from pretty much every section of this menu, and we here at The Infatuation fully support you giving into the dark side and ordering with abandon. God invented elastic-waisted pants for a reason. And that reason was to make sure you eat both pasta and the lamb ribs at Tail Up Goat. The savvy move is to come either on a date, because this place is very date-y, or with a small group, and share everything. No, ribs aren’t the first food you think of when on a date, but that’s a testament to just how good these are.

Be sure to plan ahead, since this isn’t the easiest place in the world to get a reservation as it’s on the smaller side. You’ll want to, though, because this is a very cool spot with a much more laid back vibe than the food would suggest. This is a place somewhere in-between a casual hang and a white tablecloth joint, which means you can get great food without being forced to wear job interview clothes. They have a great bar with a lot of space to maneuver, where you should grab a drink while you wait for your table. Plus, it has a funky name that you’ll want to casually drop to your co-workers to make you seem cool. And you know what, if you come here, you are cool.

Food Rundown

Tail Up Goat review image


There are always a few pastas on the menu, and you’ll want to get at least one of these on the table. They even have a gluten-free option available most nights, as well.

Tail Up Goat review image

Sweet Potatoes

A great starter, these taste like they were taken right off of the campfire and onto your table. They sound boring, but they taste great.

Lamb Ribs

The absolute must-order on the menu. It’s basically a huge Jenga game, except made of lamb ribs. And suddenly we realize our childhood was misspent, playing Jenga with tiles instead of lamb ribs. It’s a lot, enough for two or three people to share, but you’ll regret it if you don’t order this.