Ruta Del Vino

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Ruta del vino translated into English, means, roughly, “You’re about to drink a whole buttload of wine.” For you scientific folks, know that the official definition of “whole buttload of wine” is somewhere between “I feel buzzed” to “my mouth is now permanently purple.” It’s true, we looked it up in a science dictionary (shut up, “science dictionary” is totally a thing). And you know what, that’s how much you should drink here, because the wine is good, and, in a shocking twist, pretty cheap. Oh ya, the food is muy bueno, as well.

This is the type of place we wished we lived down the street from. We’d love to pop in here on a weekday night after a long day of work for a glass (or two, or three) of wine at the bar with some pretty good Argentinian-style meat, or one of their excellent ceviches. But even if you don’t live in Petworth, this is worth coming to, especially with a date. You can post up and order food at the large bar, or grab a table in the back of the restaurant.

Food Rundown

Quiejo Coalho

The description on the menu lists this as “Wood-fired cheese.” The description keeps going but we passed out from excitement before we could finish. It’s two blocks of cheese that have been charred on a fire. Get it.


Fried dough stuffed with meat. These things sell themselves.


They have a large selection, so just choose whichever sounds best to you. Just make sure you get at least one of these in the mix, we’d pity the fool who came here without eating this.

Parrillada Mixta

This is a huge carving board full of different meats. If you’re with a group, this is the move.

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