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717 8th St SE, Washington
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Rose’s Luxury was, at a point, the hottest restaurant in DC. Many, many reputable magazines, newspapers, and internet publications heralded its excellence, and I mean great publications. The best ones. Really.

We visited right at the peak of all that hysteria, when the lines outside of Rose’s were the longest, and just before Obama decided to drop in for his birthday. We, much like Barack and Michelle, were blown away by our experience at the restaurant (we talk), and we fell right in line with what everyone else was saying - those who wait an hour to put their name down for a table shall be rewarded. Rose’s was worthy of the hype.

Rose’s Luxury review image

photo credit: Jordan Anthony-Brown

Today, a little bit of that hype has subsided, but not much. The mainstream media isn’t talking all that much about Rose’s anymore, but the lines have not subsided. This has become a DC classic in a very short amount of time, and rightfully so - it’s one of the most unique restaurants in the country, from the interesting and adventurous menu to the incredible, quirky townhome it occupies.

That said, we have always felt like the menu at Rose’s Luxury has its ups and downs depending on when you’re there - the staple pork and lychee salad is always interesting and excellent and should absolutely be ordered. The pastas can be hit or miss depending on what’s in season and what the kitchen is playing with ingredient-wise. The desserts are out of this world. So are the drinks. It’s hard to have a bad time at Rose’s, but it’s also hard to guarantee you’re going to have a 9.0 food experience. Take that for what you will, but we will say this. It’s still a restaurant worth your time.

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Food Rundown

Rose’s Luxury review image

Pork And Lychee Salad

The America we want to live in is the America in which this bowl of amazing can be called a salad. Sliced lychee, red onion, and whipped coconut milk sit atop a bunch of other stuff, including garlic chips and ham. It’s a Rose’s Luxury classic, and you need to eat it.

Strawberry Pasta

A spaghetti with strawberry and tomato sauce. This is fun, because it’s a bit different than what you’re used to - the strawberries definitely add some extra sweetness. If that sounds like your jam, by all means order this. We’re not all that big on mixing up our sweet and savory.

Rhubarb Pie

We ordered one of these, and then we ate it, and then we ordered another. There were two of us. That’s how good it was. Pray you see it when you’re there.

Cacio e Pepe

One of the better example that you’ll find in DC. Know that the portions are small, so you’ll probably want to add this to an order of several things to share, rather than depending on it for your meal.

Caviar and Potato Chips

Yes, we ordered this, for you and for America. Obviously caviar is good. It’s very good when paired with home made potato chips and crème fraîche.

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