Filomena Ristorante

Filomena Ristorante has been a staple for 40 years and it’s easy to see why. The first thing you see when you walk into the Georgetown restaurant is Pasta Mamma (that’s her nickname) stuffing huge ravioli in the window. The waiters in tuxedos and white knit placemats create a mix of upscale and homey, making it great for birthdays, date nights, or just simple family dinners. Plus, the Italian food is some of the best in the city—from the salsicce di casa, a juicy homemade sweet Italian sausage, to the ravioli alla matrimonia served alongside giant meatballs. And they have a bakery where they serve a dozen different cakes and tarts, including a strawberry cheesecake that even cheesecake haters will have a hard time hating.

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