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Bread Furst

Bread Furst is the neighborhood bakery/coffee shop you wish you had on your block. It has an excellent selection of pastries, but also great salad and side options if you’re looking for an actual meal. The space is bright and simple, there’s a wall filled with local produce and dairy you can buy, and plenty of seating inside and out.

Unfortunately, it’s not all that easy to go to Bread Furst on a daily basis. It’s in Van Ness, which can take a big chunk out of the day to get to from downtown (although they do have parking out back). We wouldn’t mind the trek if we could hang around awhile and get some work done, but there isn't wifi. Instead, they have a sign that encourages customers to “read, talk, daydream.” Very cute, but also kind of inconvenient.

If you’re around the area and looking for a healthy-ish lunch, have a book you want to finish, or need a low-key spot for breakfast with a friend, Breadfurst is a great option. Also a great option: getting one of the mini-pies for your trip home.

Bread Furst review image

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