The 6 Best Picks At Union Market Restaurants

The best meals at Union Market.
The 6 Best Picks At Union Market Restaurants image

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Eating at Union Market is only for the brave of heart who enjoy fighting over tables the same way you fight over seats on the metro during rush hour. And while the space gives food-court-at-the-mall vibes, you can find some pretty solid stuff here (though a lot of the food is Sbarro-level bad). Instead of playing an extended version of “eeny, meeny, miny, moe” to narrow your options, here are the best dishes to grab to ensure you’re not disappointed with your guaranteed overpriced market meal.



Union Market

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Puddin’ is tucked in the very back of Union Market, and despite the stand's bright pink coloring, can be easy to miss if you let yourself get lured in by the dozens of restaurants before you get there. Steel your resolve and hit this southern comfort food joint for an incredible pork-free gumbo. Don’t forget to grab some of their signature bread pudding, too.

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Pork Thit Kho Báhn Mì

Banana Blossom Bistro’s pork thit kho báhn mì is the best standalone meal at Union Market. The Vietnamese sandwich is loaded with crispy vegetables and succulent pork on a flaky baguette and covered with a sauce that sprinkles the perfect bite of sweetness. You might not be able to finish the whole thing in one sitting, but it’s worth every bite.

Shoyu Ramen

Ramen by Uzu’s shoyu ramen is filling, flavorful, and warm. Made with a savory chicken bone broth and topped with wakame, mushroom, and bamboo shoots, the bowl tastes as good as it looks. Whether you’re looking for the perfect cozy dish or just need to fulfill your ramen craving, know you’ll leave feeling both nourished and satisfied.


Bar Boheme’s stunning turkey sandwich is piled high with fresh veggies, green goddess sauce, and carved meat that will make you wonder why you ever eat that deli stuff. The turkey is juicy, the bread fresh and the radicchio adds a touch of bitterness. Be ready to crank your jaw as wide as it’ll go, because this sandwich is thick. As it should be for $16.

Shish Taouk

Yasmine’s, which has its own seating, is a great place to watch people come and go while you’re here. Luckily, the Lebanese spot also has a simple, classic wrap made with charred chicken, french fries, pickles, and garlic that is something you’ll find yourself unconsciously craving days later. And if you don’t want to stick around, it’s also the perfect on-the-go sandwich.


This technically isn’t a meal but you’re trippin’ if you roll out of Union Market without grabbing a cookie (or 12) from Bee J’s. The sea salt caramel makes big waves and the little pretzel pieces on top are A1, but we really love the snickerdoodle. Move over Iverson Mall. *prayer hand emoji*

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