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Bacareto da Lele review image

VCE Review

Bacareto da Lele

There’s nothing over €2 at Bacareto da Lele, a great cicchetti spot in Santa Croce.

Vino Vero review image

VCE Review

Vino Vero

Vino Vero is a Venetian Portuguese spot in Cannaregio.

Naranzaria review image

VCE Review


Naranzaria, located on the market side of Rialto Bridge, is a great place to eat some meat-heavy cicchetti.

Aciugheta review image

VCE Review


Aciugheta near Basilica San Marco makes great cicchetti perfect for a quick snack when you are feeling hungry between meals.

Il Paradiso Perduto review image

VCE Review

Il Paradiso Perduto

Order a plate of cicchetti inside Il Paradiso Perduto, and then find a spot to sit or stand next to the canal.