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Locanda Cipriani review image

VCE Review

Locanda Cipriani

You’ll get to eat the freshest fish and cold plates of vitello tonnato in a lush garden at Locanda Cipriani on the island of Torcello.

Caffè Florian review image

VCE Review

Caffè Florian

You should make time when you're in Venice to visit Caffè Florian, which opened in 1720 making it the oldest cafe in Italy.

Gelateria Nico review image

VCE Review

Gelateria Nico

Gelateria Nico in Dorsoduro is somewhere you should sit down at a table, enjoy the view of the Giudecca Canal, and take your time.

Sullaluna review image

VCE Review


Sullaluna is an independent bookstore cafe in Cannaregio where you can relax with a pot of tea and snack on some crostini.

Naranzaria review image

VCE Review


Naranzaria, located on the market side of Rialto Bridge, is a great place to eat some meat-heavy cicchetti.

Aciugheta review image

VCE Review


Aciugheta near Basilica San Marco makes great cicchetti perfect for a quick snack when you are feeling hungry between meals.