Miku was the first to do aburi-style sushi in Vancouver, and while you’ll find a lot of other places using the technique around the city, this is where it all started and where you should be eating it. Aburi-style means the sushi is lightly flame-seared, and if you don’t live in Vancouver, you’ll likely try to stockpile and freeze some in your hotel room (before you sadly remember that this is a terrible idea). The salmon aburi is a classic and also our favorite, though you can’t go wrong with the other options on the menu. Miku is in a really touristy area along the Vancouver waterfront where there are a lot of cruise ships, hotels, and people asking where the Gastown Steam Clock is (on the corner of Cambie and Water Streets), so it’s a good idea to book ahead. It’s a pretty fancy place, so throw on your nice but probably wrinkled clothes, try and get a seat near the window to take in the harbour view, and plan your relocation closer to all the aburi.

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