DD Mau Chinatown

DD Mau in Chinatown is easy to walk past and not notice, but once you go in, you’ll find yourself in what appears to be an expertly-renovated basement that happens to serve fantastic, reasonably-priced Vietnamese food. It’s right below a club, there’s always hip hop playing, and you can order “Party Starter” shots with oolong tea and Johnnie Walker, so it’s a good place to head to with friends if you’re on your way to a dance floor, or when you want a fun place to eat great food after 11pm (they close at midnight on the weekends). Don’t miss their fish sauce and lime beef carpaccio, fish cake noodle soup (bún chả cá), and chicken wings. If you happen to be in Yaletown instead, head to their other location that sells sandwiches and noodle bowls for lunch (it’s only open from 11am-4pm).

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