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Upstairs at Campagnolo review image

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Upstairs at Campagnolo

This bar hidden up a staircase in Campagnolo has a small menu and lots of obscure wines and cocktails.

Alibi Room review image

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Alibi Room

The Alibi Room in Railtown is a beer bar in a huge warehouse, and is where you can try out pours from local breweries.

Grapes & Soda review image

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Grapes & Soda

Grapes and Soda is a great spot for a glass of natural wine while you wait for your table at a restaurant nearby, but it's worth coming to on its own.

The Shameful Tiki Room review image

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The Shameful Tiki Room

This tropical island of a bar is where you go to drink things on fire with six shots of rum in them with a whole group of friends.

Keefer Bar review image

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Keefer Bar

Keefer Bar is one of the best and strangest bars in all of Canada, with an apothecary theme and a complex cocktail list.

Meet review image

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Meet is an entirely vegan place in Mount Pleasant that's open late on the weekends and has a reverse Happy Hour.

Osteria Savio Volpe review image

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Osteria Savio Volpe

Savio Volpe in the Fraserhood, with its Italian food and impressive drinks list is as couple-friendly as it is family-friendly.

AnnaLena review image

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Annalena is an upscale Pacific Northwest spot in Kitsilano with fantastic food and a lot of vinyl toy bars all around the restaurant.

Marutama Ra-men review image

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Marutama Ra-men

If you want ramen in Vancouver, head to Marutama where you can customize your bowl.

La Mezcaleria review image

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La Mezcaleria

Whether you come to La Mezcaleria in Commercial Drive for the mezcal cocktails or the Mexican food, you'll leave happy.

The Fish Counter review image

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The Fish Counter

You could come to The Fish Counter in Mount Pleasant just to talk to the passionate owners about sustainable fish, but don't leave without a fish taco

Les Faux Bourgeois review image

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Les Faux Bourgeois

Le Faux Bourgeois is a classic French bistro where you won't have to wait long for a table to eat steak frites and escargot.

Sardine Can review image

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Sardine Can

This tiny plae in Gastown serves the best tapas in the city and lots of food out of cans, along with an impressive selection of Spanish wines.

Toshi Sushi review image

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Toshi Sushi

You're going to wait for a table at Toshi in Mount Pleasant partly because it's tiny, but mostly because the Japanese food is really good.

The Arbor review image

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The Arbor

The Arbor is a vegetarian restaurant on Main St. where you can walk right in and eat sandwiches, pizzas, and salads - try and get a seat on the patio.

Pidgin review image

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Bring a small group to Pidgin in Gastown to share some of the most creative food you'll find in the city.

St Lawrence Restaurant review image

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St Lawrence Restaurant

You'll find the best Québécois food in Vancouver at St Lawrence, bring a date or one other friend and eat a lot of crazy rich food.

Bao Bei review image

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Bao Bei

From the same people as Kissa Tanto, Bao Bei is another must-visit spot, though it's more casual and the food is creative Chinese.

Kissa Tanto review image

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Kissa Tanto

Kissa Tanto is one of the hardest reservations to get, but it's well worth whatever you have to do to get one to eat the Japanese - Italian food.

Vij’s review image

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You can usually sit down right away at Vij's, an Indian restaurant on Cambie St. that serves traditional dishes as well as some creative twists.