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Miramar Bakery review image

MIA Review

Miramar Bakery

Miramar Bakery is a Cuban bakery in Hollywood, Florida that serves some of South Florida's best Cuban pastries and croquetas.

Bar Raval review image

TOR Review

Bar Raval

This Barcelona-inspired bar on College St. has good, strong cocktails and a great list of tapas to go with them.

Rooftop At Broadview Hotel review image

TOR Review

Rooftop At Broadview Hotel

The Rooftop at the Broadview Hotel is one of our favorite ways to see the whole city with a drink and some small plates.

BarChef review image

TOR Review


You'll find some of the city's craziest - and most expensive - cocktails at Barchef in Queen West.

Get Well review image

TOR Review

Get Well

Get Well in Little Italy, with its arcade games, vintage decor, and pizzeria in back, is a great place to spend more hours than you planned.

Civil Liberties review image

TOR Review

Civil Liberties

There's no menu at Civil Liberties in Christie Pits, just bartenders who will ask you questions and then craft you a perfect cocktail.

Earlscourt BBQ review image

TOR Review

Earlscourt BBQ

Earlscourt on St. Clair is one of our favorite BBQ spots in Toronto - get the Pitmaster Platter and bring a few friends.

Black Camel review image

TOR Review

Black Camel

The sandwiches at Black Camel in Rosedale are all under $10 and made with high-quality, house-made ingredients, so pick one up for lunch.

The Stockyards review image

TOR Review

The Stockyards

Head to this small spot in Humewood on off hours for classic Southern food - or on Tuesdays, Fridays, or Sundays for their ribs and smoked chicken.

Miku review image

TOR Review


The Aburi-style sushi at Miku prominently features a blowtorch and is some of the best fish you'll eat.

Starving Artist Waffles & Espresso Bar review image

TOR Review

Starving Artist Waffles & Espresso Bar

There are few better ways to start the day than with something from the all-waffle menu at Starving Artist in Humewood.

Alo review image

TOR Review


Serving a tasting menu on the third floor of a building off Queen West, Alo is one of the best restaurant experiences in the whole city.

Buca review image

TOR Review


Dinner at this spot in the Four Seasons are not going to be cheap, but eating pizza and pasta at Buca is one of the best ways to celebrate something.

Patois review image

TOR Review


If you want a lively place for a night out that also actually serves good food, head to Patois, a Jamaican/Chinese/Korean spot in Little Italy.

Rasa review image

TOR Review


Everything you eat from Rasa's always-changing menu will both surprise and impress you, and have you coming right back to this Harbord Village spot.

DaiLo review image

TOR Review


The food at Dailo, a Cantonese-French place in Little Italy, is some of the most interesting and innovative that you’ll find in the city.

Yasu review image

TOR Review


A spot at the ten-seat sushi bar at Yasu will require $135, a snack before, and two full hours, but it's one of the best special occasion places.

Cava review image

TOR Review


You don’t expect to find the best tapas restaurant in Toronto in a mall in Deer Park, but that’s exactly where Cava is.

Planta review image

TOR Review


Planta in Yorkville is the best and more unique vegan restaurant in Toronto - though meat-eaters will be impressed too.

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen review image

TOR Review

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

If you have one brunch in Toronto, it should be at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen in Liberty Village.