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In Tokyo, the typical 9-5 office worker has a name: the salaryman. But instead of 9-5, Japanese Salarymen work 9-9 (at least), always wear black suits and white shirts, and when they’re finally done with the workday they drink the night away with co-workers and clients before waking up and doing the exact same thing the next day. (There are even ads on the streets pleading with salarymen not to pass out and sleep on the sidewalks or trains.)

One staple spot in the Salaryman-infested Shinbashi neighborhood is Torishige - it’s a yakitori restaurant, which is a common type of place to eat grilled chicken skewers, but this one is a standout. Get the tsukune (ground chicken) or momo niku (chicken thigh) if you want to play it safe, or get adventurous with raw chicken sashimi appetizer or hatsu (heart) skewers for a real treat. Feel free to drink too much and take a nap on the streets for the real salaryman experience after your meal - we swear it’s more socially acceptable (and way safer) than doing the same thing in New York.

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