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13 SF Spots To Order From On Caviar For 4/20

Square pizzas, excellent momos, and more.

Ah, 4/20, the one day you get to have a little fun - or, at the very least, melt into a couch somewhere. Whatever you decide to get into, you’ll probably need to stack up. Most likely with food that’s delicious and easy to eat, like a perfect fried chicken sandwich or well-spiced turkey momos. And if your meal involves a crispy, whole-fried branzino, even better. Here are 13 great spots to order from on 4/20.

The Spots

Flour + Water Pizzeria imageoverride image

Flour + Water Pizzeria

Perfect For:Big GroupsCasual Weeknight Dinner

If you’re past the point of being able to physically remove your body from the couch, the most logical next step is to order gooey mozzarella sticks and a pizza from Flour + Water Pizzeria. We like the OG Bear, topped with mushrooms and tons of garlic, and the pepperoni with pickled peppers. But rest assured that whatever you order will be fantastic - and taste even better after dipped in their house-made ranch.

Cafe Bunn Mi specializes not only in banh mi, but vermicelli and pho, too. But what makes this sandwich/soup spot so great is the crispy duck sandwich. An extra thick duck cutlet is fried then smothered in a house-made aioli and coleslaw. Eating this one will get pleasantly messy. They also make a great lemongrass steak, which goes great with their Vietnamese iced coffee.

Hot Sauce and Panko imageoverride image

Hot Sauce and Panko

Perfect For:Cheap EatsLunch

Hot Sauce and Panko runs a tight chicken wing takeout operation and when you’re rolling around on the floor, you’ll be grateful for it. Their wings are incredible. One order here comes with five pieces for $6.99 (the $11.99 special includes a sweet Belgian waffle). They also have a ton of flavors to choose from, but some of our favorites include salt and pepper; the “green” with cilantro, jalapeño, and ginger; and Korean-style wings slathered in gochujang. .

We’re longtime fans of Señor Sisig’s Filipino burritos, tacos, and loaded nachos - all of which you can get delivered straight to your place, no putting-on-real-pants necessary. Get the burrito stuffed with adobo garlic rice and sweet pork, or the sisig nachos, which are topped with cheese, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo, pickled jalapeños, and pork, chicken, or tofu. And always add a fried egg on top.

Beit Rima imageoverride image

Beit Rima

Perfect For:Casual Weeknight DinnerDate Night

We’d jump at any excuse to order from Beit Rima. Birthday? Yep. Celebrating three months of keeping a fiddle leaf fig alive? Done. Staying in on 4/20 for a night of [REDACTED] and watching the iguana vs. snakes scene from Planet Earth 2 on repeat? Say less. You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu here, but when in doubt, order their crispy whole-fried branzino, or the wonderful mezze spread, which comes with hummus, muhammara, baba ghanouj, and lebna.

Hinodeya makes bowls of ramen that are the equivalent of sinking into a bubbling hot tub. In other words, an order from here is comfort in a bag. The ramen spot in Japantown and the Financial District uses dashi broth, and we love the house ramen, which comes with melty char siu and bamboo shoots. You can also add on appetizers and sides like gyoza, spicy bamboo shoots, and chicken karaage.

This Nepali restaurant in SoMa makes some of our favorite momos in the city. We love everything about them - from the well-spiced turkey, lamb, or veggie fillings to the delicate flour wrappers to the tasty roasted tomato and cilantro sauce that comes on the side. Get the combo meal if you’re really craving momos, and want to enjoy Bini’s other great dishes, like their sautéed cauliflower with peas, green onions, and spices.

Fried chicken sandwiches abound in SF, but we’re partial to the ones from SF Chickenbox - they’re perfectly-fried and come on a soft, squishy bun. They also do an incredible macaroni salad, and little mochi muffins for dessert. And if you want to make at least one decision your future self won’t regret in the morning, throw in a 16-ounce bottle of their spicy and sweet Moombah sauce.

If the idea of a spread of thrice-cooked fries, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and even burgers shaped like hot dogs doesn’t give you full-body chills, we have nothing in common. You can get all that - and more - from Quik Dog, a fast-casual concept from the team behind Trick Dog in the Mission. Make sure to get an extra side of their excellent house-made honey mustard.

Volcano imageoverride image

Volcano Curry

Perfect For:Casual Weeknight DinnerDining Solo

Volcano Curry in the Richmond makes some of the best chicken katsu curry in the city. So it’s no surprise that their katsu sandwiches impress us, too. The important thing to note is that these sandwiches are massive. Two evenly breaded and fried chicken cutlets are stacked on top of each other, and then layered with a ton of coleslaw, and a slightly-sweet sauce. You will need two hands to eat this. Things will get messy. But when a sandwich is this fantastic, there are no complaints.

Square Pie Guys imageoverride image

Square Pie Guys

Perfect For:Casual Weeknight Dinner

It doesn’t take much to convince us that a thick, cheesy Detroit-style pizza from Square Pie Guys is a good idea. Get the 6x8, which comes with exactly 48 pieces of pepperoni, and their trio of creamy sauces to dip it all in. They also have wings, cheesy bread with marinara, and other generally delicious sides to get into.

There are now three Dumpling Time locations around the city, including an express location that has a slightly pared-down menu. This a good thing, since it means even more places where you can get your hands on Dumpling Time’s pork belly-filled soup dumplings and excellent pan-seared char siu pork bao. Another great thing you should order - the spicy seafood gyoza that’s loaded with shellfish, and one of the best things on the menu.

This casual Thai restaurant is easily one of the best lunch spots in the city. And that’s because, Rooster & Rice is laser-focused on one thing: making incredible khao mun gai. For $12, you’ll get a bowl loaded with poached white chicken, cucumbers, and cilantro, drizzled in a fresh chili-ginger sauce and served over jasmine rice, plus a little cup of chicken broth on the side.