Voi Cà Phê

This cafe in Georgetown only serves four types of bánh mì, but Voi Cà Phê is about quality, not quantity. And qualitatively speaking, these are some of the best Vietnamese sandwiches in Seattle.

If you eat meat, seek out either of their sausage-based sandwiches—especially the pork. It comes on crackly bread and gets filled with a juicy lemongrass-studded patty, a slick coating of mayo, tangy pickled vegetables, a shake of black pepper, and mint. The mint in particular is a genius addition, adding a jolt of freshness that you might appreciate if you’re part of the soapy cilantro collective. The chicken sausage bánh mì is a close second, with an intense garlic depth and snippets of herbs wiggled throughout the mayo.

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Voi Cà Phê functions as mostly a takeout operation, with just enough room inside for you to stand while placing an order. But if it's nice out, you certainly can stick around to eat at a few small yellow tables they set up outside in the middle of the street. Otherwise, just take it all to go, including some phenomenal cold drinks like a cinnamon-kicked, phin-dripped latte on the rocks, a shining example of the perfect Thai iced tea, and a phở-spiced drink that thankfully doesn't taste like beef soup.

A spread from Voi Cà Phê makes for a tremendous lunch that you’ll want to repeat five days a week. Will mayo-slathered shredded carrots and baguette particles completely obliterate your clothing like glitter at a drag brunch? Yes. Will it be worth it? Also yes.

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Đặc Biệt

If you don't need to eat your bánh mì right away, the cold cut-loaded sandwich is a great option that's filled with peppery cured meats and just a bit of tangy pâté.

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Nem Nướng Hà Nội

Behold, Voi Cà Phê's best contribution to the planet, and one of the greatest sandwiches in Seattle. Here you have a thin, charred pork sausage patty that's garlicky and lemongrass-forward, along with creamy mayo and slightly tart pickled vegetables to slice through the richness. Mint adds a bright pop.

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Gà Viên Nướng

The (very juicy) chicken sausage sandwich possesses all of the roasted-toasted garlic bread-like energy of Texas Toast, with julliened herbs scattered throughout. Another winner.

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Đậu Hủ Sốt Cà Ri

This is one of our favorite vegetarian bánh mì in town. The tofu crumbles easily in a firm scrambled egg kind of way, with a blast of coconut curry-rubbed warmth that gets along with the crunch and heat of raw jalapeño.

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Cà Phê Quê

If you're thirsty, the cinnamon phin latte is the best way to go. There's a pure, earthy, not-too-sweet cinnamon stick twist that pairs well with their strong coffee and swirls of foamy milk.

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