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The Chicken Supply specializes in Filipino fried chicken dredged in a blend of tapioca starch, rice flour, and potato starch. You might be skeptical about celiac-friendly breading, but know that it’s not just spectacular in spite of being gluten-free—it’s spectacular because it’s gluten-free. If anything, their coating is crispier than chicken at other spots in town. From thigh skin that crunches like potato chips, to skewers of cubed white meat juicy enough to make us swear off tenders forever, this poultry has occupied our thoughts more than poultry probably should.

The small dining room only has a handful of tables, and even though you could feasibly eat here while listening to deep-fryer sizzles and the staff calling out the names of chicken parts, it's best used as a takeout operation. Especially because most of the food travels extraordinarily well.

Our favorite way to experience this place, however, is when The Chicken Supply hosts sandwich pop-ups, which happen occasionally on random Sunday afternoons. Along with phenomenal fried thighs, pickles, and ripe tomato between halves of a toasted pandesal bun, they serve fluffy waffle fries with kewpie mayo and drumsticks drizzled with hot honey. If you see them announce this Sunday pop-up on Instagram, drop that brunch reservation you've had for weeks and come here instead.

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When we’re not daydreaming about their crackly chicken, we’re thinking about sides like coconutty collard greens with pickled shallots and peanuts, or garlic rice, or a bite involving both. Sure, the rice can be dry at times and the greens can be bitter, but on a good day, they're fantastic accompaniments. Even the tiny little cup of tart dipping vinegar (with floating whole chilies) to dunk your sticks in is delicious when seeped into the chicken’s crisp shell.

Food Rundown

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Chicken Sandwich

The only thing better than The Chicken Supply's fried chicken is when you smash it between toasted pandesal halves. Thanks to bread and butter pickles, fresh tomato, lettuce, and a tangy calamansi remoulade, it's one of the best sandwiches in Seattle.

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The Thigh

With shatteringly crunchy chicken skin, this is hot, crispy proof that not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes, chicken thighs do.

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The Stick

When it comes to fried chicken joints, we've found that it's all too easy for the breast to come out overcooked and dry. Not these skewers. Stacked with incredibly moist nuggets of white meat, the sticks are our favorite chicken parts in the house—especially the spicy version.

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Garlic Rice

On a good day, this is a delicious bowl of garlicky rice. On a bad day, it can be a little dry—but you should use the collard greens to sauce them up no matter what.

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Coconut Collard Greens

There are a lot of flavors at play with this riff on laing. There's a creamy coconut broth, roasted peanuts and pickled red onions for crunch and tang, and a drizzle of chili shrimp oil which adds great heat. On top of the garlic rice, it's excellent.

Crispy Potatoes

If you're the type who has to eat potatoes with chicken, these fried spuds should satisfy you. If you're taking your order to go, there's a high likelihood that these will get a little soggy in transit. Throw them in your air fryer or oven if you need to crisp them up.

Stephen's Buttermochi

Stephen, you nailed it. This butterscotchy maple-infused bar topped with toasted coconut and whipped cream is the best way to end a meal here. Don't leave without one.

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