Tat’s Delicatessen review image

Tat's Delicatessen

American in Pioneer Square

    Perfect for
  • Casual Weeknight Dinner
  • Cheap Eats
  • Dining Solo
  • Lunch
  • Serious Take-Out Operation

Let’s say you were in a terrible mood somewhere on the East Coast. You might end up eating a pastrami sandwich, or a Philly cheesesteak, or literally anything covered in buffalo sauce. Head to Tat’s instead - it takes less time to get there. This is a dive with subs, wings, and lots of Pennsylvania-based sports team flags on the walls. Go for a cheesesteak with hot peppers or the Tatstrami sandwich (homemade pastrami with creamy coleslaw, melted Swiss, and Russian dressing on a hoagie roll).

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