Rubinstein Bagels

We’re just gonna come out and say it. We don't get the Rubinstein hype. The bagels themselves at this South Lake Union shop are just fine—airy with some chew—and we’re fans of the fried onion and chive schmear. But really, it’s the engineering and construction of the bagels where things take a wrong turn.

Don't waste too much time admiring The Spheres on your way out—the bagels need to be eaten immediately or they’ll turn into hockey pucks. And the double down, a.k.a their lox, tomatoes, red onion, and caper bagel, is laid on so thick with toppings that everything just slides around when you take a bite. Plus, their bacon, egg, and cheese is usually coated in a slick sheen of grease. But if you're in Amazon territory and need a quick snack, Rubinstein does have convenience going for it. Stop by in desperate breakfast times.