Pinto Thai Bistro & Sushi Bar review image

Pinto Thai Bistro & Sushi Bar

Thai in Capitol Hill

    Perfect for
  • Big Groups
  • Casual Weeknight Dinner
  • Quiet Meals
  • Serious Take-Out Operation

Whoever had the idea lightbulb to put Thai and Sushi in the same restaurant should win some sort of Nobel Peace Prize for eliminating the human need to agonize over that really tough decision. The fact that you can have a spicy tuna roll and a steaming bowl of panang curry at the same table without being at a college dining hall is a beautiful thing, and the fact that Pinto is usually not that crowded and has awesome happy hour specials is even more beautiful. Great for weeknight takeout on the couch, but also not a bad spot to do a casual weeknight dinner.

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