Phnom Penh Noodle House

Besides all of the shared baking knowledge, the reopening of Cambodian institution Phnom Penh Noodle House topped our list of good things to happen in 2020. Since their return, we’ve gone back several times to pick up takeout containers of foursome beef noodle packed with silky broth, tripe, and meatballs and have also set up group dinners in their bright wood-covered dining room.

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Even when it’s cold out, we can always count on their platter of grilled pork chops, chicken, and short ribs to give us the same joy we feel at a summer BBQ. The boneless chicken thighs pack a great lemongrass-y punch, and both the pork chop and short ribs have a sweet and sticky marinade that clings to every char mark.

This is one of Seattle’s great noodle soup destinations. And while it should be in your rotation of places to lean on When The Rain Makes You Sad, the soups are so good that you’ll probably even start craving them during some of Seattle’s warmer moments: fake spring, July, heatwave week, and Seafair.

Food Rundown

Phnom Penh Noodle House review image

Hay Cung

These deep-fried coins of beancurd-wrapped ground shrimp and pork come with a side of tangy tamarind sauce for dipping, and they should be a mandatory appetizer for your table. We love the way the shrimp and pork combine to become a whole new delicious protein—would it be shpork or primp? Please email with your reasoning.

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Lok Lac

This dish is filled with tender cubes of beef that soak up all the rich soy sauce-flavored marinade before they’re sauteed in a wok with whiskey. Plate some of your beef over the accompanying rice, hard-boiled eggs, and tomatoes, and you’ve got one of the best entrees here.

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Grilled Sampler Platter

This is what The Avengers of meat would look like: grilled garlicky pork chops, short ribs flavored with lemongrass, and chicken thighs with a sticky yellow curry cilantro cream marinade. They would steal the show at any celebrity chef’s cookout.

Phnom Penh Noodle House review image

Foursome Beef Noodle

There’s a lot of beef going on in one bowl: smooth meatballs, honeycomb tripe, tender slices of beef, wide rice noodles, and a spiced, silky broth that is straight-up rejuvenating. Collagen fans, this one’s for you.

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